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Commission Information

"Oscar did a beautiful job creating an image that represented not only my persona, but most importantly, my spirit and essence."

-Rogelio Baillères Gil, portrait owner


Ink on paper, 8.5" x 11", 2011

Oscar loves the collaborative process of creating portraits. He thinks of his portrait subjects as muses and strives to capture their unique essence. The portrait begins with a discussion between Oscar and the client about materials, style, and size. He can work in pencil, ink, pastel, watercolor, acrylic, and/or oil paint with a realistic or abstract approach depending on the subject.


Oscar can work from high-resolution photographs provided by the client or the subject of the portrait can visit his studio in San Miguel de Allende for a one-time modeling session. He prefers the latter method, when possible, as it allows him the opportunity to make initial sketches, take photos from a variety of angles, and get to know his muse. 


Pricing is determined by the size of the piece, number of subjects (be it a portrait of an individual or of an entire family, complete with pets), and the materials used (a fast-and-loose water color sketch takes less time than a photo-realistic oil painting). Portraits start at US$350 for a small drawing and go up to US$4,000+ for large paintings.


Framing and shipping are optional, and at cost. 

To commission a portrait, please contact Oscar at

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